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Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network

The Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network is a collaboration of programs fighting the multi-dimensions of human trafficking. These programs cover a wide spectrum that address community education, public awareness, prevention, demand reduction, male engagement on the issue and the tourism and hospitality sector.

the EPIK Project

The Epik Project is a 501(c)3 and was founded in 2012 as a response to the horrific reality of people being bought and sold for sex against their will.

Since then EPIK has become a national leader in the anti-trafficking movement. To date we’ve disrupted over 74,000 attempts by men intent on purchasing another human being for sex and we’re now poised to reach 100,000. We do this with volunteer men who are well trained in the realities of sex trafficking and communicating with buyers at the point of purchase.

These volunteers are the heart and soul of The EPIK Project and they’re making a difference!


TRUST Arizona

Provides education, resources and collaborative engagement on issues involving human trafficking.

CEASE Arizona

Works to eradicate sex trafficking in the state of Arizona by focusing on the demand for paid sex.

Community Schools Initiative (CSI)

Youth enrichment program focusing on enhancing self-esteem, increasing empowerment, safety and exploring improved nutrition.

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Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network is pleased that JustMen Arizona is one of our programs aimed at putting an end to Human Trafficking in our State.

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