About Us

JUST.MEN.ARIZONA is a state-wide initiative launched in 2018 by the Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network.

The goal is to mobilize no fewer than 300 male allies in two years by training them in both demand disruption and demand prevention tactics.
About Us

Experts in the anti-trafficking movement

Our Leaders have over 50 years of combined experience in fighting sex trafficking.

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If we trace any evil to its source, we find it grows out of our fallen nature with plenty of opportunities for expression in our decaying culture. We can never truly “solve” the evils of the world. But we can combat them where they are most local to us.
Just.Men.Arizona has done exactly that and taken the battle to the home-front, first and foremost, as caring citizens of the men, women, and children, caught in the face of evil. They have even teamed with local law enforcement and proven to be a force to be reckoned with as they help educate perpetrators in local communities to reduce demand of further victimization of our citizens. Thank you for bringing the fight.

Detective, Metro Phoenix, Arizona

How we do it

Men create the demand that drives sex trafficking. Better men can help end that demand and Just.Men.Arizona is how we’re going to get it done.

There are three dynamic ways Arizona men can get in this fight

Actively disrupt the online sex market.

Join an elite team of men who have learned how to personally engage online sex buyers directly at the point of sale. You’ll be supported by The Just.Men.Arizona Project and its cutting-edge intervention tactic for disrupting the online exploitation market. This program has seen multiple iterations and improvements over nearly 4 years of real-world testing. It has resulted in over 100,000 disruptions of online sex buying and contributed to the arrest and conviction of dozens of high frequency buyers.

Directly confront the proliferation of illicit massage parlors.

This is a strategy aimed at exposing and putting community pressure on property owners where known illicit massage parlors operate. This is an aggressive letter writing campaign with phone follow up to property owners that puts them on notice that there are men in their communities that are aware of and in opposition to these businesses.

Learn how to harness the power of social media to amplify your voice to speak out against gendered violence and sexual exploitation.

Attend an educational program aimed at training to men’s groups on the causes and solutions for sexual injustice that includes, but is not limited to commercial sexual exploitation. Then learn how to leverage social media to make your voice loud and clear.