Men create the demand for sex trafficking.
Better men can help end that demand.

disrupting the commercial sex market

JUST.MEN.ARIZONA is a committed group of men who are actively disrupting the commercial sex market at the point of sale through personal man to man conversations with potential buyers who contact prostitution ads online.

We are working to expose and put community pressure on property owners where known illicit/erotic massage parlors (brothels) are thinly disguised as legitimate businesses.

Through the Just.Men Academy, we are training men about the causes and solutions to sexual exploitation and how they can leverage their voice to speak up for the voiceless.


Commercial sex costs Arizona more than you think!

  • Arizona’s geographic location and network of freeways makes it a hub for illicit activity.
    According to the U.S. State Department, Arizona is a main destination and transit point for labor and sex trafficking from within the U.S. and multiple regions of the world.
  • The biggest misconception is that trafficking is something that happens overseas.
    Local and federal law enforcement has indicated that sex trafficking is happening in Arizona at an alarming rate. According to a study by STIR, 78,000 men in Phoenix are online sex ad customers.
  • Profit from sex trafficking is a billion-dollar business, second only to the illicit drug trade, and surpassing the sale of illegal arms. Sex trafficking is a high profit, low risk business where the commodity can be sold repeatedly, and requires supply and demand. There appears to be a growing demand fueled by easy access through the internet.

We can’t simply arrest our way out of this problem.

  • Unfortunately, sex trafficking is an ever growing “business” second only to drug trafficking.
  • The smart phone in your pocket is the brothel of the 21st Century.
  • One Attorney General said it well, “There’s only so much law enforcement can do. We can’t be on every corner, we can’t be at every truck stop, so we need the public to say, ‘How dare you take our children?’”
  • We want to help buyers understand the bigger problem behind buying illegal commercial sex
    • Many that are sold are minors
    • Most don’t get to keep the money
    • Many are being forced

We need men to fight the biggest social justice issue of our time.

  • According to the Demanding Justice Report 99% of the buyers are men. Men are systemic to the problem and therefore men are systemic to the answer.
  • Only through educating men will we slow down this epidemic within the U.S.
  • Our mission is to bring men to the fight to end demand for prostituted people
  • We educate buyers through our disruption tactics and community awareness events

Commercial sex hurts more than you can imagine.

  • If buyers can’t care about the victimization of their purchase, perhaps we can make them care about their own wellbeing, their family and their livelihood.
  • Arrests are routinely being made in our state (http://trustaz.org/gi-mugshots.html)
  • Buyers who engage in commercial sex with a minor may be
    • Charged with 10-20 years imprisonment
    • Subject to a maximum fine of $150,000, asset forfeiture and order of restitution
    • Required to register as a sex offender

JUST.MEN.ARIZONA is answering the call.

  • We are a Just a Bunch of Guys who are tired of hearing about statistics regarding sex trafficking.  Just.Men.Arizona had to actually DO SOMETHING about it.
  • We are average men who are fathers, uncles, brothers, grandfathers and friends of woman, who are working together to stop the buying and selling of our nation’s US born youth.
  • Our goal is to help buyers understand the stories of the “people” who they are attempting to buy. We put a face on their purchase.
  • Though arrests are continually made, sex trafficking is increasing at an alarming rate here in Arizona.

Ways We

Actively disrupt the online sex market

Confronting illicit massage parlors

Speaking out publicly